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So far I have veganized and made the "soda bread" which...

So far I have veganized and made the "soda bread" which tasted a bit salty to me ( too much bi-carb soda perhaps) though I will ask my taste tester ( Big G) when he returns from work tonight. I made him sandwiches out of the soda bread with a red lentil and carrot spread and veggies this morning for his day.

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Jack mentioned that she buys the cheapest pasta which is, of course, white. In her mind if she eats healthy in most areas of her life then a few less than healthy options such as starchy pasta is not the end of the world . I tend to agree that balance is key and if you have children you will know that it is a go to dish for small mouths. Pasta is also an easy dish to make healthier with the sauce .

I am also a fan of pasta because it can be made very quickly and simply and can be gluten free or not. I find myself making simple tomato sauce pasta once a week and will often branch out to another "go to" creamy mushroom sauce.

This is one version of a pasta sauce using marinated vegetables, avocado, green peas which I always have on hand frozen, sauteed mushrooms and a creamy sauce. Marinated jars of veggies can be pricey but a little goes a long way. They can also give dishes a spark. I am a huge fan!

This whole dish takes 10 minutes start to finish making it a wonderful quick and tasty meal whenever you need one.

This delicious dish has been included in this weeks Virtual Vegan Linky Potluck.

Serves 4Scrumptious, quick and easy pasta dish with the added spark of marinated vegetables.Prep Time 5 min Cook Time10 min Total Time15 min.


1 cup of artichoke hearts

1/2 cup sundried tomatoes

1/2 cup green peas ( fresh or frozen)

1 diced onion

2 diced garlic cloves

3 TBS olive oil

1/2 an avocado diced

2 cups diced button mushrooms

1/2 tsp of salt

1/2 tsp pepper

2 TBS flour or corn starch ( for thickening)

1 tsp of tamari/Braggs/soy

3/4 cup of milk of your choice

1 tsp of dried dill

pasta for 4


Prepare the pasta as per the specifications on the package.

While the pasta is doing it's thing sautee the onion and garlic in the olive oil on medium heat until the onion is juicy and fragrant

Add the chopped mushrooms and sautee until they too are soft and fragrant about 5 minutes

Sprinkle the flour over this mix until it thickens and binds the mushrooms together

Slowly add the milk and keep stirring until it thickens into a sauce

Add the dill, peas and tamari and stir in

Add the marinated veggies at the last minute and give them a stir to combine

Add salt and pepper

Turn the burner off and get the pasta ready to serve

Serve the sauce on top of the hot pasta and sprinkle the avocado on this ( combine if desired)

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