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Wasting Energy

A typical family of four in Canada or the United States easily spends $1,900 per year on utility bills for a home and a large portion of this energy is wasted. A single home can produce more fossil fuels than two family cars in a single year through consumption of electricity. By making simple small changes in your daily life, you can significantly cut down on your energy use up to twenty-five percent or more and save energy and dollars .

Where do you start? You will want to improve the energy efficiency of your entire home, recognizing that energy flows in and out of your residence through so many areas. Find out where the greatest amount of energy loss occurs within your home. You can take a home energy audit to find out where you use the most energy in your home to identify how to lower your energy costs. You can do this yourself, through an independent energy auditor, or your local utility company. Check for cracks and gaps in insulation, around walls, doors, fixtures, and outlets. Hence, having properly insulated doors, windows, walls, and ducts can reduce loss of energy.

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Here are some ways to save energy. By purchasing energy saving appliances , you can also lower your utility bills. You should check that your appliances are working well. You can also monitor lighting use in your home and add controls such as dimmers, sensors, and timers to reduce energy use. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent energy saving light bulbs. Energy-saving buildings also command better value on the market as well. Some steps you can take to monitor and improve your homes energy efficiency include installing a programmable thermostat, using compact fluorescent ENERGY STAR light bulbs, using your dishwasher and washing machine only on full loads, plugging all your electronics into power strips, taking shorter showers, and turning off your computer when not in use. Purchase energy saving products and home appliances with the ENERGY STAR label. Some of your energy measures will also offer additional benefits such as greater comfort or convenience.

How much effort you want to put into improving your home depends on several factors. Will you be occupying this residence for a long period of time? What is your time and budget? You can do a few steps such as replacing bulbs, adding insulation, energy saving devices, and energy efficient appliances , and notice considerable improvement in your energy bills. Going further and selecting environmentally friendly alternative energy sources such as solar panels, solar lights for your garden, and geothermal heating will offer considerable energy savings in the future but it will take some time to see a return on your investment. By determining what your energy priorities are, you can develop a home energy savings plan suitable for your home that will save energy and money.

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